Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vote for Change,Vote for Hope

I don't know which party will win this election but I think definitely Aam Janta will win this election for sure.

If AAP win 17-20 seats (what i can see from exit polls) then next time these corrupt parties will never underestimate the power of a common man.

Now Loksabha Elections are coming so i am sure that BJP will be having a pressure of doing something Good for people otherwise Janta who can say bye bye to one big party today can also say bye bye to another big party tomorrow..

Next time,not only they have to fight on the issues related to Aam aadmi (like development,corruption free country,Employment and Inflation) but also they have to show their work.

I am assuming this election will show these parties whatever Arnab Goswami says that "The Nation is Angry and The Nation wants to Know".He is not only saying for TRP but the fact is actually THE NATION IS ANGRY and DEFINITELY NATION WOULD WANT TO KNOW that what you have for us in election.

I hope these political parties will learn the lesson from this election and next time they will try to do clean politics.

Hope for the best and lets see who will win this election 

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